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Flox No Shows are designed to provide maximum coverage while staying in place just below the edge of your shoes or flats. Ultra light weight material with anti-slip grip technology on the heel and bottom of the sock ensures little to no movement or slippage. Great for casual sneakers and flats.

Women's No Shows 3-Pack

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Women’s Size 8-11

A nice lightweight blend of 85% cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not dry clean or iron.

3 reviews for Women’s No Shows 3-Pack

  1. Teresa B.

    I hiked Papago, took my dogs for a walk and walked around in just my Women’s No Show socks without my shoes. My socks never slipped down off my ankle. I’m sold! I love these socks! No more fixing socks that have slipped down in my shoes. I got Flox!!

    • Flox Customs

      we appreciate your feedback Teresa!

  2. Rosalie D.

    These no shows socks are perfect for my slip on flats for work. Absolutely no show and no slipping indeed. I don’t feel like I’m sweating in my flats AND they are comfortable. Definitely recommended!

    • Flox Customs

      Thank you for your feedback Rosalie! We are glad to know you like your no shows!

  3. Veronica G

    I love these socks. Not only are they the perfect no show for all styles shoes/flats but they also grip the bottom of the shoe so they don’t fall off or move around. Must have in every color because you will always be looking for another pair!

    • Flox Customs

      Thank You for the amazing review Veronica! Glad you love your No-shows!

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